How it works for Advertisers

Create a Campaign


Creating a campaign with WebeServe is really simple with just a few clicks you are done. The interface is so easy that in a few minutes you will be up and running. Campaign costs as low as $0.01 dollars per service. We have videos and tutorials that will help you to get the most from your campaigns. Our workers are rated with Webepoints that allows them to work in certain types of jobs or not. So if they are good on Link Building we will automatically place them on that category and give the worker priority to do those type of jobs.

Choosing a Category Job

In WebeServe we have a variety of services you can choose from, wether you need SEO Jobs, Social Marketing Jobs, Article Writing Jobs, or you just need small tasks to be done "MicroJobs".

Set a price and set rules

Advertisers are free to bid for the price they want to pay for every job done, higher bids implicate reaching valuable workers to work in your project. Remember that the jobs will be split among the worker which will guaranteed fast and quality results.

Choose from Pre-made Campaigns

If you like you can choose from our pre-made campaigns which is offered by our Workers. We charge workers $10 Dollars for every pre-campaign they post and the reason we charge them that amount is to make sure that the service they offer is real and they are serious about it. So everytime you make an order from our pre-made campaigns the same worker will be the one working on that campaign. Services offeredon the pre-made campaigns are link building services, social marketing jobs, microjobs and any type of services you need.


Microjobs is becoming very popular and is a new way to to promote your website. Whether you need some one to vote for your video, make a small comment, or do any small task job. WebeServe can help you do that. In WebeServe advertisers has the control of everything. From microjobs to a complete link building campaign. You decide. Register Free