What Is WebeServe?

WebeServe is a Microjob advertising platform that connects advertisers with Workers. The site provide massive link building service and the ability to create massive campaigns where 1000s of freelancers will do your job.

Who are the Advertisers?

Anyone can be an Advertiser, wether you have an online business or a simple website that you need to market over the internet. WebeServe is the best place to boost your presence. We have complete link building service for any budget.

Wether you need links, blog reviews, pay per tweet, facebook posts, forum posts, Web 2.0 Properties, article marketing and much more.

What does WebeServe.com cost me?

The minimum deposit to start using WebeServe is $5 Dollars. and the minimum you can pay for one job is $0.01 dollars.

Let's say you want 100 people to tweet about your website. You create a campaign where you ask people to tweet about your website and offer to pay them $0.1 dollars per tweet. That will be $10 Dollars for 100 tweets.

NOTE: The price you pay for a job is up to you.

Who are the Workers?

Anyone can be a worker. If you need an extra source to earn cash WebeServe can give you that. Wether you are good at link building or a social marketing, or even if you have a twitter account you can make cash. We have plenty of jobs for everyone and every expertise. 

How do I fund my campaign?

When you signup with WebeServe you will see the billing link on the menu. We currently accept PayPal as a method of payment. If you are willing to use another method write us at: